So this was a long time coming, but in March of 2014, 4 days before my 30th birthday, we closed on our first house!!!  Since DH and I are both military brats, owning a house never really seemed like an option.  Let’s be honest, if anyone else is like me with the military brat mind, the idea of staying in one place for more than a couple years is mind boggling. However, after 5 1/2 years in our last rental house, we decided that we liked the area enough to buy, and then it was GAME ON.

We looked at more houses than I can even count.  We made offers on multiple houses.  We lost every time.  Our offers were too low, someone else offered cash, it was always something.

I looked at our house a few times online before we realized it might actually be in our budget.  And it was!  The day after Christmas, 2012, DH and I met with our lovely realtor, walked through the house, and about an hour later we had an offer in!

I will fast forward through the purchase part…it was NOT fun.  After the water heater in our rental caught fire, we determined the roof of the new house needed to be replaced, and closing didn’t happen until the DAY we needed to be out of the rental, we were exhausted.

I think we set a record on closing.  We got the call at about 4:45pm on a Friday that the loan was approved, and by 5:45 we were standing on the porch of our new home, keys in hand.

Now, let me explain how 2 military brats were able to pull this off in the first place.  Our house was on the market for over a year, so we got a very good price. Want to know why?

1.) Actively Leaking Roof

2.) PINKPINKPINK EVERYWHERE. Pink counters in the kitchen. Pink walls in the kitchen. Pink stairs. Pink Dining Room.

3.) No Gutters. ****NOTE: If you don’t have gutters on your house, add them.  Now.  Don’t think about it, do it.  The impact of no gutters on this house for 20 years was INSANE. Save yourself the headache of dealing with the aftermath.

4.) Red Roof. Ugly Red Roof.

5.) 90’s.  The 90’s vomited over every square inch of our house. Seriously, the first floor has 5 rooms (including the bathroom) and 5 different types of flooring. And did I mention the first floor has 5 rooms? It isn’t even 900 sq ft.  Too. Many. Walls.

6. WALLPAPER.  I can laugh at it now, but wallpaper almost gave me a mental breakdown. And I am still finding wallpaper hidden behind appliances and behind paint. ***Don’t waste your time painting over wallpaper unless you are sure the wallpaper is vinyl. More on this later.

Anyway, I am sure at this point you can figure out what this blog is going to be primarily about.  Yep, renovating this very odd, very confused but very loved little colonial/farmhouse thing.  Here we go….

That roof....that horrible roof.  But OH THAT PORCH!!!!
That roof….that horrible roof. But OH THAT PORCH!!!!

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