Paint Part 1 – Kitchen

When we moved into our house, the entire house was either A) Mint Green, B) Pale Pink, C) Wallpapered.  The only exception to that was the front living room which honestly looked like it was never painted, just primed.

Anyone that has ever rented a house for the majority of your life knows what it is like to never be able to change the color of your walls.  Our landlord at our last house never would let us paint, even in little man’s room (where it looked like a kid had smeared cheetos all over the walls).  So guess what was the first thing I wanted to do when we moved into the new house?  PAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone that tells you painting is the quickest and cheapest way to spruce up a room is CORRECT.  Check this out:

Kitchen in original, very very PINK condition
Kitchen in original, very very PINK condition


 The kitchen, while a very nice size, was driving me crazy from day one.  The first issue was the most obvious, that both the walls, and the counters, were PINK.  And not like an awesome 80’s blow your mind neon pink, no, more like a watered down Pepto pink.

And then there is the wood trim.  I. Hate. Wood. Trim.  We had crazy wood paneling in the last house, and I would have given anything to paint it.  That was a no go.  Again, renting.

But now this was OUR HOUSE!  If I wanted to paint the kitchen PURPLE , I WOULD!

Alas, I am not (completely) insane, and decided not to go with purple.  And I also went against everything my brain was telling me to do, and I let DH choose the color.  The reasoning behind that was that I cannot cook.  Nope.  Not happening. DH cooks all meals, and quite well, I might add.  Ta da!

Iron Skillet Pizza.....holy yumminess
Iron Skillet Pizza…..holy yumminess
Ahi anyone?
Ahi anyone?
Brother's Chili Recipe and Cornbread
Brother’s Chili Recipe and Cornbread

 Anyway, I digress.  Since DH keeps me fed and happy, I gave him full decision making powers for the color of the kitchen, and then I painted it.  He chose “La Fonda Jalapeno” by Valspar. I didn’t like it.

Too Dark....
Too Dark….

The house is already lacking in natural light (remember when I complained about all the walls?) and so the dark color was driving me crazy. And I find it funny that I only have this one picture of the wall color with the wood unpainted.  Probably because of how much I didn’t like it.

But then DH and I did something we do very rarely….we COMPROMISED!  He LOVES wood trim.  Again, I HATE WOOD TRIM. So I decided to paint the wood trim.  I know, I know, that doesn’t sound like compromise, but he already got to choose the paint color and I wasn’t painting over that, so technically, it was a compromise (and a very good excuse to show him how much better all the trim in the house would look if it was white). Boy oh BOY did it make a HUGE HUGE HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!

Look Familiar?
Kitchen in original, very very PINK condition
Kitchen in original, very very PINK condition


AFTER! Look how HAPPY the room looks now!

Doesn’t it look so much better with the white trim?  Brighter, happier, and all around better!  I was so happy with how much cleaner it looked with the white trim too, and I also realized that the La Fonda Jalapeno really wasn’t so bad.  Once the trim was cleaned up, the wall color looked so much lighter.

It was a good start.  Painting the kitchen (trim and walls) cost under $75.  And look at how big the difference is!!!!!!!

****But now I was bitten by the paint bug.  Every time I walked through a pink room, I cringed.  It was time to give that house a face lift.  And that, boys and girls, is how the DVD shelf that DH built became my paint shelf.  More to come!


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