Paint….Part 2

Paint.  Paint. Paint.  The first month in our house, all I did was paint.  Like I said in the last post, paint is definitely the quickest and cheapest way to make a BIG impact on a room.  I don’t really want these posts to be just about “Hey, here’s before and here is after!” but some of them might be, just because, well, it is darn AMAZING how different the inside of the house looks just because it got painted!  I mean, come on, check this out!!!

The Formal Living Room - Before


As you can tell, I painted all the trim white, and painted the oh-so-plain walls yellow.  And the sectional went to furniture heaven….and was replaced by some beautiful tufted fancy things that, I will admit, I bought because they were pretty.  ***Note, when buying new furniture, MEASURE YOUR ROOM. I couldn’t put these pieces where I wanted because they were too big, so it took a lot of playing around with them to figure out the best layout.  Honestly, it took putting the Christmas tree up before I had my AH HA! moment and knew that I liked that as a permanent layout.

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

By the way, do you like our tree?  We finally got a real tree!!!!  I learned a good lesson on that too….don’t put your real tree up the day after Thanksgiving.  It will probably look very sad by the time Christmas rolls around.  Be careful putting it near a fireplace.  The heat dries out the tree too.  Next year I think we will try it again, but we will take my Dad’s suggestion and drill holes up the trunk to help with water absorption.

And you want to hear a (not so secret) secret?  I don’t like the yellow anymore.  My whole plan with the yellow was to brighten up the room.  The problem with having an amazing wrap around porch in combination with living in the woods is that there is a hard core lack of natural light in the house, especially the rooms in the front.  So, common sense said “Hey! Yellow is bright and sunny and fun!  Paint the family room yellow!” and I did.

The beauty of OWNING the house…..if I don’t like the color, I can paint over it.  I already did that once:

First Color - Sharkfin....too blue.
First Color – Sharkfin….too blue.

We lived with the dark gray (Sharkfin by Valspar) for about 2 weeks before DH and I both agreed it wasn’t working.  The final result was much better (Metropolis by Valspar).

FYI, all our paint in our entire house is by Valspar.  No, I’m not getting paid by them to say that….unless they want to pay me for saying that.  Just throwing it out there, Lowes…hint hint.

Here’s one after, before we painted the trim and got new furniture (notice same couch that WAS in front room?):


And here’s one after with new furniture! Again, how AWESOME is PAINT???


And just to show the awesomeness of paint to the extreme, here is the same room, with the same furniture, but with the trim painted white, and a new painting that my Dad gave us.  It made my inner designer persona very happy.

White trim makes me happy :)
White trim makes me happy 🙂 And who are those pretty puppies on the couch?

Anyone notice the sleepy doggies?

Lucy on the left, Moxie on the right.

Something I noticed the more I go through these pictures is how many of the same pieces of art or furniture that I see in different rooms.  That is one thing I should mention…I have learned that nothing will be perfect the first time around.  I think I have rearranged every room in the house a minimum of twice.  All the art has been tried in one room or another.  I mean, you see that massive sectional?  It lived in both living rooms at one point or another.

I went completely off topic there, so back to the Yellow Room.  I need some help. I don’t like the yellow, but for once I am at a complete loss as to what color to paint it!  Any input?


4 thoughts on “Paint….Part 2

  1. jackiehames

    When I painted my living room, I chose an accent color from the rug I was using that compliment my furniture. So, envision a couch and chair the same color yellow as your current walls, and a nice area rug that had dusty blues, light clay and yellow colors, and just a hint of green. I decided the clay color fit the room best and went with that.

    I can’t tell for sure what colors are in your rug, but that could be a starting point. Or, the accent colors in the furniture.

    I’ve also discovered you can buy 8oz. samples of paint (Valspar, btw) at Lowe’s, so if you’re having trouble narrowing it down, buy a sample can or six on the cheap, paint a 1×1 square on the wall, and sit with it for a few days so you can see it in all lighting conditions. Then decide.


  2. Jackie, the area rug was actually our old neighbors. They were going to get rid of it and we didn’t have any area rugs so we took it, knowing we would need something to cover the hard woods. So I guess maybe I just wait until we buy a different rug, and go from there?


  3. I love paint samples. They are like $3 at Lowes and we buy the crap outta them. We bought 5 different ones for our family room before deciding. We painted sections and watched them at all hours of the day and night to see how they changed. It was worth the wait. Also similar to what Jackie said, I bought a chair that was my inspiration piece. I pulled all the colors for everything else out of that chair for a cohesive look.


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