The Yellow Room – Follow Up

I finally got so sick of the yellow in the living room that I sucked it up and painted it, and BOY am I happy I did!!!!  Look at this transition!!!!!


We ended up using the same color (Valspar Metropolis) so now both the living room and the family room are the same.  The yellow was just too overwhelming.  I didn’t realize how much until we started painting.  The difference with both colors on the wall at the same time was crazy!


I LOVE how the gray looks against the fireplace too.  The yellow made the fireplace feel so harsh and unappealing, but the gray brings out beautiful tones in the whitewashed brick.


You can really see how bright the yellow was in the picture above….and again, look how nice the gray is with the fireplace!

DH even jumped in to help!


This makes the 2nd room in the house to be repainted twice.  Ironically enough, the first was the other family room…which was repainted to this color from a darker gray/blue.  I think I am noticing a trend in our color taste!

I still love to look at the changes…..

the 1st BEFORE


The 2nd BEFORE


And the final product.  Not too shabby!



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