Times Have Changed.

6 months has changed a lot. DH still isn’t working full time, but I received a pretty awesome promotion to offset the income.  We chugged along and started to whittle down the debt. We actually ended up paying off some significant depth and getting much better control of our finances. Suddenly we realized we had some money cleared up but we really needed to get a truck since we are still landscaping and hauling trash to the dump. We have had a friend for the last few months that has been wonderful enough to loan us a truck, but we were ready for our own. After much number crunching, we made the decision to buy our own pick up. After much looking, and a few test drives, we would like to introduce Millie, our 1959 Chevrolet Apache!!!!!!

Millie has been the ONLY Auto purchase that I have made with no buyers remorse. The wonderful couple that we bought her from have been a bright spot in a very dark time in our lives. I’ll be honest, we plan on doing a lot of work to Millie. We have a suspension on order and an AMAZING friend to help us put it in. That should fix the steering issues and inability to go over 55mph. We are going to replace outside handles, locks, mirrors, repaint bumpers and the grille, fix window seals, and (very far down the road) repaint her from top to bottom.  All in all, she’s a great addition and we are sooooo happy to have her!!!!

Oh….and another change. We got another dog. Yep, another one. I know, unexpected. I’ll post again soon with the story of Echo.